FAQ: What is dry cleaning

Have you ever wondered what a dry cleaner actually does with your clothes? Are you puzzled about why they can remove stains that you can’t? McGregors Dry Cleaners is here to demystify the process for you.

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So how do you clean my clothes?

The whole concept of dry cleaning is pretty mysterious isn’t it? I mean just how do clothes get cleaned without getting wet?

Wayne McGregor, owner of MDC and former Australian Dry Cleaner of the Year puts it quite simply:

“It’s not that the clothes don’t get wet, it is just that the process doesn’t use water specifically. A liquid solvent is used instead. The process is fast and much more gentle on garments than regular washing and it is particularly effective at removing grease and oil stains.”

As much as our name indicates that we are first and foremost dry cleaners, only about 50% of the garments that we clean are actually dry-cleaned.

One size does not fit all when it comes to cleaning clothes at McGregors Dry Cleaners. For every garment that comes through our factory we make an individual treatment plan based on its care label, the particular fabric of the garment and the nature of the stains that are showing.

 1. Care label

The care label states the recommended cleaning treatment that will not damage the fabric. Items that are allowed to be dry-cleaned will include a special symbol on the care label.

clothing care label

the ‘P’ in a circle means the garment can be safely dry cleaned

image source

2. Fabric

Different fabrics respond better to particular cleaning methods and the type of fabric can affect the treatment used to remove stains. Some clothes respond better to regular washing or hand washing than dry cleaning. Most fabrics can be safely dry cleaned, cottons and polyesters are fairly robust and don’t lose their shape during regular washing while silk and woollen garments require more gentle treatment and respond better to dry-cleaning.

dress fabrics


image source

3. Nature of the stains

Stain removal is most definitely a science but luckily our expert cleaners have years of experience working with a variety of textiles and removing stains of all shapes and origins. All garments are pre-spotted before cleaning to address stains and problem areas like underarms, collars, cuffs and crotch.

pen stain on clothingimage source


If you have a pile of clothes that have been sitting in your laundry waiting for special attention, now is the time to act. McGregors Dry Cleaners can look after your garments whether they are ‘dry clean only’ or ‘do not dry clean’. Come in and see us today.

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